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Historic Building Details

HB Ref No:

Extent of Listing:

Date of Construction:
1780 - 1799

Address :
70 Croaghrim Road Florencecourt Co Fermanagh


Survey 2:

Date of Listing:
07/07/1989 00:00:00

Date of De-listing:

Current Use:

Former Use
Thatched House

Conservation Area:

Industrial Archaeology:





OS Map No:

IG Ref:
H1748 3713

Owner Category


Exterior Description And Setting

A storey and a half lobby entry thatched house built of brick and rendered in lime and whitewash located parallel to the Croaghim Road and separated from it by a small garden. The building faces north east. It is sheltered to the east by mature planting which returns along the road. To the west are standard height hedge rows. To the south-west and rear a row of single-storey barns of similar construction (but metal roof) aligns with the house. To the south-east in the tree lined paddock a larger tin and timber barn. On the main front elevation are 3 six-over-six sash windows (with horns) equally spaced with the entrance door along the fa├žade. Wild roses grow up the spaces between. The entrance door is the second opening from the south-east corner, it is sheeted and as a 4-pane rectangular fanlight over. Cills are in stone and painted. The thatch projects parallel with the ground and presently overhangs about 600 mm. The scallop thatch is secured by hidden fixings with the exception of a single hazel ligger at the flush ridge and above the eaves.Two chimneys equally spaced about the central room rise about 300 mm above the thatch. They are presently in need of repair. To the north-west gable a single 2-pane sash at high level lights the roof space. There is a noticable settling in the brick courses towards the front of the house. The thatch is currently built up from the gables by about 200 mm. It is stitched along the edge in hazel as well as parged in cement. To the rear a single-storey pitched return projects roofed in corrugated metal. A narrow timber casement lights the bay to the south-west of this. The return contains a back scullery and a storage shed, it has a sheeted door and a small casement in the south-east side. The rest of the rear elevation has a small window to each structural bay. A casement to the central room and a one-over are sash to the other. To the south-east gable a single one-over-one sash at high level and again a noticable subsidence in brick coursing to the front of the building.


Not Known

Historical Information

Building not indicated on first or second edition Ordnance Survey maps. It is indicated on the 1906 map. It is likely to have been constructed in the second half of the nineteenth century. Its fireplace construction is however of a primitive form usually associated with much earlier buildings. Bricks were manufactured at Florencourt nearby. The building has had little modification since construction with the exception of the small return to the rear. It was likely constructed as a farm workers cottage by the Florencecourt Estate. Nearby buildings of similar type have now been removed. The building was recorded by EHS in 1975 and listed in 1991. It was thatched in 1991 in rye straw and in 1995 repairs were carried out to the ridge and chimneys. References- Primary sources 1 PRONI VAL/1A/4/26 OS map, County Fermanagh sheet 26, with valuation
references (1834-35) 2 PRONI VAL/2A/4/26 Revised OS map, County Fermanagh sheet 26, with valuation references (1857-c.62) 3 PRONI VAL/2B/4/2B Second valuation, Cleenish (1862)

Criteria for Listing

Architectural Interest

A. Style B. Proportion C. Ornamentation D. Plan Form F. Structural System I. Quality and survival of Interior J. Setting K. Group value

Historic Interest

X. Local Interest V. Authorship Z. Rarity


A small lobby entry vernacular thatched house picturesquely sited in relation to the nearby road. Unusually constructed in brick with surviving interior features of note.

General Comments

Date of Survey

13 August 2002